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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Sight Word Help

Here's a quick and easy intervention to help those little friends that need extra help mastering those sight words.  This definitely works best with a small group of students... 3 or 4 at the most.

Choose 3 words that they have not mastered.   Write those words on a poster board or large sheet of paper.  Tell students that they will learn 3 new words.  Begin with the 1st word at the top of the board - and.  Say "this is and" while pointing to the word and.  Then say "say and" and have students repeat it back to you.  Continue for the other 2 words.  On the first day with this intervention tell students to find a word.  Continue until all words have been found and covered.  This will help students recognize the words.  The next day you will begin working on having students identify the words.  Point to a word on the board and ask a student what the word is.  If the student can read the word, they can cover it with a "duck tape coverer thingy."  Whatever color they choose the first time is what they use the rest of the time.  I like to use these because they don't tear or crumple and instead of writing on the board and having to throw the board away you can keep it to use over and over again.  If they can't read it go to the next friend. When all the words on the board are completely covered you can count and see who read the most words.

Here's a close up of the duck tape thingys.  I just cut the duck tape and fold in half.

If you need some other sight word activities to use in class, then you'll want to check out this Write the Room Sight Word Bundle for January, February and March.  It includes the 12 Write the Room themes you can see in the picture below.  You'll save BIG purchasing this bundle and right now it's on sale for even more...$7.20.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Science Project Labels

It's that time of year again!  SCIENCE FAIR PROJECT Time!  As a kid I loved doing science projects.  As a parent.... not so much.  My hope is the following product makes it super, duper easy to create a great science project display.

Here's a peek at a completed project using the labels included in this product. 

And here is an upclose look at the labels.  The design for these features a bright pink chevron background with blue cloud header and multicolored text.

Did I mention that the title cards are editable?  That means you can type your title and print and keep the uniform look for the display.  

This is available for $1.00 and can be found here.  I'm working on other color designs now and will be uploading them to my TPT store soon.