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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Morning Message

Our morning message evolves over the course of the year and is used for teaching a variety of skills at different times throughout the school year. I find that it is such a valuable teaching tool that always keeps my learners engaged. I think changing it up attributes to that and keeps it from becoming redundant. However, when I introduce a new skill through the morning message, I do incorporate it for weeks until I'm sure the skill has been mastered and go back awhile later and use it again for a few more weeks. One of my students' favorite things for us to do in the morning message is write an alliterative sentence using our Top Toad's (our leader for the day) name. In today's message I wrote, "Emery eats Easter eggs." Without fail, these silly sentences result in a chorus of giggles and laughs from all of my little friends. A friend then has to tell me about the sentence. By now they easily recognize that all of the words begin with the same letter and that makes it an example of alliteration.

Another favorite of theirs is our Grammar Chants. We have been focusing on nouns and being able to tell what they name. We sing the Noun Chant and go back and ask if each word is a noun. If it is a noun, they tell what kind - a person, place or thing.

You can get a free copy of the Noun Chant and the other Grammar Chants here.


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  3. How is your morning message made? Is it a book? I have been using chart paper and then just gave up and write it on the dry erase board. I am a new follower- I like your blog!