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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Brown Bear

Woo - Wee!  I FINALLY finished up my Brown Bear, Brown Bear packet.  This one seemed to take forever because I've had to steal small spurts of time here and there to work on it.  Of course I love it now that it's finished and can't wait to use it with my sweeties next year.  Without fail, Brown Bear is a favorite in my classroom each and every year.  Most students have the predictable text memorized after a couple shared readings.  Pair that with using the Eagle Eye reading strategy to teach students to look for picture clues and you have yourself a class of students whom have quickly come to view themselves as young readers.  It brings a smile to my face just thinking about how excited they all get reading Brown Bear. 

                                                Here's some of what's included in the packet.

Act It Out Cards

These will be used to make necklaces for students to wear while acting out the story.  I'll just punch a hole and add a ribbon to each one.

Beginning Sounds

I'll place these in a pocket chart and students will match the letter to the beginning sound of each object.

The following I made to use during math and literacy center rotations. 

Clip the Color Word

Students clip the color word and write it in the box under the animal on the recording sheet.  A color word chart is also included to provide a control of error for students who may need to check that they have the correct word clipped before recording it. 

Color Word Mats

Students will use dry erase markers to trace the color words on the mats.  They will color in the words on the recording sheet with markers or crayons.

Picture and Word Match

Students match the pictures with the words and record the word beside the picture on the recording sheet.  A word set without the colored border is also included to make it more challenging. 

Retelling Necklace

Students cut out the pictures, hole punch and add to a string in the order of the story to make a necklace they can use to retell the story.

Spelling Color Words

The color cards will be cut apart and students will use the letters to spell out the color word on each card.  If needed the color word chart can be used for them to spell the word correctly. 

Counting Hearts

Students will count the hearts on each animal card and match it to the correct number. 

M&M Sort

Each student will get a small bag of M&Ms to sort.  They'll count how many of each color they have and record it on the recording sheet.

Month Matchup

Here they will put the months in order and match the number that corresponds to each month.

Number Word Matchup

Students will match the number to the number word and record the word beside the correct bear on the recording sheet.  There is also a set for 11-20 with a recording sheet. 

Tens Frame Counting

Students will count how many counters are on each tens frame and write the number in the circle beside the bear and draw tally marks to show the number in the box. 

You can check it out here.

So if you've read all the way down, you have a chance to win this Brown Bear packet.  My birthday is coming up within the next week.  The first person to leave a comment guessing my birthday correctly and their email will be the winner.   And don't forget to enter My 500 Fabulous Followers Giveaway if you haven't already.  Just click the picture below to go to that post.


  1. My guess is July 18th! That is my sweet son's birthday!!
    I hope I am correct!! This packet looks fabulous!!!


  2. Umm, I guess July 17th! Love the unit!


  3. I guess July 19th!

    Miss A's Kindergarten

  4. This packet is stinkin' cute btw! I'd LOVE it if I won :) I'm trying to get all my units planned for my new school year, so this would help me a ton!

  5. My guess is Fri the 20th. Oh, I hope because that unit is too cute! Happy Birthday, whatever the day:)

  6. How about the 16th? I'm crossing my fingers! :) I LOVE your packet by the way!


  7. I guess July 16th. This packet looks great!!!

  8. July 21? Unit looks great!

  9. July 14? The unit looks super cute!! and Happy early Birthday! :)
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  10. July 13?

    Heather (

  11. I guess July 15th...what a wonderful Brown Bear unit!


  12. Ding! Ding! Ding! Teri's right! It's this Saturday. Check your email Teri!

  13. What an amazing packet! I love your recording sheets!

  14. Is your birthday the 21st? Either way I hope you have a great birthday!! And this packet is ADORABLE! I would love to win it!