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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Last Week's Literacy Centers

We had so much fun reading There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie last week.  The kiddos love The Old Lady books and this one was no different.  With the exception of the few kids who may have thought that perhaps it was going to be me that may die while I was reading the book.  Something nasty hit last week and left me without my voice and looking like I probably was on death's door so it's no wonder a few were a little teary as I croaked out the words to the story and sounded like somebody really was dying.  Seriously, I think they were REALLY worried the old lady was going to explode and die.  Their little eyes were as big as saucers.  I hope I haven't traumatized their sweet little selves.  Since she lived we were able to have lots of fun with her during literacy centers. 

                                                    Sequencing the Story with a Flow Map

Students worked on sequencing the story.  They cut out the pictures and glued them in order on the flow map. 

Save the Sight Words
Students had to help save the sight words from being eaten by the old lady by writing them in the correct places as fast as they could.

Alphabet Soup
In this center students worked on beginning sounds.  They turned over a card, named the picture and the sound they heard at the beginning, and colored in the pot with that letter on the recording sheet.

Where's the Old Lady?
This was a whole group game we played.  I hid the old lady card behind one of the pies.  The students took turns coming up and reading the sight words.  If they read the word correctly, they got to look behind the pie for the old lady.  They loved this and it made them want to learn those words! 

Congrats to Kelly and Kim!  You are the winners of the giveaway last week.  Your files have been sent to your email.

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  1. I really love the find the old lady game you played! That is a wonderful idea! :)