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Sunday, March 10, 2013

St. Patty's Day

The following was supposed to post on Friday:  

This is going to be a quickie post.  I'm trying to do this from my iPhone for the first time ever.  We're traveling to Charleston for my sister-in-law's wedding this weekend so no school for this chick-a-dee today. School is still definitely on the brain apparently.  Isn't it always for us teachers though?  I worry like crazy about my sweeties when I'm not there.  Anyways just wanted to share  a couple of pics I have of some of our St. Patrick's Day Centers this week. I've not been great with taking pics this week:(.

And here it is Sunday evening so obviously it didn't get posted on Friday.  I couldn't get the pictures to upload to my blog post through my phone.  Sometimes technology makes me just wanna scream.  Lord knows I love it and couldn't live without it but many times I'm left feeling inept.  So courtesy of my trusty desktop computer I bring you the following pics.

Students reach in and pull out a gold coin, read the word, use it in a sentence and find it on the recording sheet and color it in.

Students roll the die, count the shamrocks, find the shamrock on the recording sheet with the number and dab it with the green bingo dabber.  It's perfect for my 4K students  and my 5s that struggle a bit with counting and cardinality.

Students count the owls on each card, find the owl on the recording sheet that corresponds to the number for the card  and colors in the quantity.

Find and color is pretty much a weekly tradition in our room. Students read the word off the card and see who can find it and color it in neatly first.  

 Our Write the Room for this week

All of these activities plus many more can be found in my St. Patty's Unit here.

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