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Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Blingy Mother's Day

My little sweeties have been hard at work making Mother's Day gifts.  Here's what my students' moms are getting this year. 


Aren't they presh? They even got to shop at the "jewelry store" to bling out the handles.  They loved that! Inside are pages that they've filled in and illustrated.  They give such heartfelt answers in the way that only children can. 

This mom is one of the lucky ones!  The ages ranged all the way from 3 to 91.  I was disheartened when I asked them how old they thought I was -- 61!  What a huge bucket dip that was!

And who doesn't love going to Chuck E. Cheese?

And just so you know moms, it's not the hugs and kisses that we give the best of.... it's all those material things that we buy them. 

You'll be happy to know that some of them do appreciate the broccoli we cook for them.

We had such a fun time making our Mother's Day presents!  What did you and your little sweeties make this year to celebrate mom?  


  1. So cute! Love the bling!
    We made purses from Miss Kindergarten.
    I will add some jewels next year.
    thanks for sharing

  2. So cute! My little divas would have loved picking out those jewels!!! Last time we used them in a project they used so many they needed forklifts to carry them home! :) Great idea-thanks for sharing.


  3. Amy we made something very similar but for the Grandmother's. I have several student's who are being raised by their Grandparent's. So I wanted to acknowledge them along with the Mom's.
    Here is the link to the photos of our class projects if you would like to see them. God Bless and thank you for all you do and share. Mrs. Valerie
    Happy Days Preschool CA