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Monday, May 7, 2012

Children's Book for End of the Year

I had the most amazingly, wonderful opportunity to work with Donna Glynn of Kinderglynn on a unit based on Eric Carle's book House for Hermit Crab. She was absolutely fabulous to work with and such a blast!  I'm sure you all already know her but if not you have to go check out all of her fabulousness. 

I love using books to develop themes around and House for Hermit Crab is a great children's book for the end of the year and even the beginning of the year.  It's about a little hermit crab who finds a shell (his new home) and makes friends each month throughout the book.  At the end he gets too big for his shell and has to find a new one and leave his old shell and friends behind -- just like our little students grow throughout the school year and have to move on to new class with new friends. 

House for Hermit Crab

This unit is packed with 191 pages of fun activities that you and your students will love!

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