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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

{FREE} Let's Talk Turkeys! Craftivity

We've been gearing up for Turkey Day the last couple of days with a couple of craftivities.  Our first order of business was to make these sprawled out turkeys.  I think they turned out absolutely adorable but MERCY ME if you have a student that has a little difficulty following directions and you want to keep all of your hair, you may want to forego the turkey making process with that child.  Totally kidding (sort of)! 

We read some informational texts about turkeys and made a tree map.  I forgot to snap a pic of the tree map but we included things that turkeys are, can do, and have.  The students were able to supply words to complete each section based on what they had learned about turkeys from the texts we read.  We then used the tree map to fill in the blanks on our Turkey Talk writing page.  You can get this FREE packet here or by clicking on the pic below. 

We also made the little indian children that you can see in the display.  I tied these to math and we learned about pattern cores.  They glued their pattern core to their little headbands on their indians.  Then they extended the pattern on a sentence strip.  And NO the pattern strips are not beside the indian children that they go with (with the exception of the redheaded indian child).  We totally ran out of room on the wall and ended up sticking them up wherever there was room.  Can you believe they only get to stay up for another week and then it'll be time to deck the halls??? AHHH!  Where has the year gone?


  1. Thanks for the freebie!! And I love your Indians!

    Heather (

  2. I was already a follower but found you again through TBTS :)


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